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We are currently serving in Portland, OR and surrounding areas, and have previously served in Ohau, HI. So excited to get to know our mainland bunns!

What's the best way to get ahold of you?

The best way to get ahold of me is via text at (401) 400-1224. Much like bunns, I spook easily, I'd prefer to keep communication over text unless it's an emergency.

How long are appointments?

My services range in timeframes. I estimate that a nail trim will take about 45 minutes, whereas a full groom will take 1.5 hours. This is equally dependent on each individual bun, as they each have their own tolerances. Each service has a maximum time limit to prevent stress on the rabbit. 

My rabbit is feisty/won't let me handle them. Is that something you can work with?

Yes! As of currently I have not refused service to a difficult or aggressive bun. I have multiple techniques that I tailor to each buns needs based off of their tolerability. I appreciate any details of their aggressiveness and behavior toward grooming and handling, but have found most rabbits are more docile once in a new space and with a new person for grooming. 

Is it important to have my bunny groomed?

Yes! Rabbits nails can grow to be too long and cause discomfort. Some rabbits need help with cleaning their scent glands and need them cleaned as often as their nails get trimmed. Rabbits may also ingest too much hair from molting and go into Stasis if they don’t get some grooming help. Of course, these are things that can be done by the owner, but many owners have grown to respect their buns' boundaries when it comes to handling and need another hand to help. 

How often should I book my rabbit for servicing?

This may change depending on the rabbit and their specific needs, but the average booking is every 6 weeks for a nail trim. 

Do I need to provide anything?

I am set up to fully service from the trunk of my Honda CR-V. Nothing extra is needed but the bun in need of servicing. Your buns favorite treats, comfort objects, petting spots, and music recommendations are appreciated to keep your bun the most comfortable. 🫶🏻

Do you trance bunnies to complete services?

No! Never! I am advocate against trancing and will refuse and educate owners who inquire on this handling technique.

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