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Thanks for checking out HunnyBun Grooms! I'm so excited to get to know you and your bun! Who am I, you ask? Check out my bio below!

My Story

Chloe Onken is originally from Chicago, IL, and has been a bunny owner for over 2 years. Pheobe, a Netherland Dwarf (center), was Chloe’s first rabbit, and learned bun care through her experience with Pheobe and through connecting with other free roam bunny owners. Chloe believes rabbits deserve to be given the space and time to connect on an emotional level with their owners and should live indoors as free-roaming pets. Chloe continues to educate herself on bun care every day through reputable resources, veterinarians, and her continued experience.

When not grooming, Chloe can be found reading tarot, creating multi-media art pieces, hiking, gardening, loving on her buns (Pheobe, Paige (right), Vera(left)), and advocating for environmental sustainability and human rights. If you are curious about Chloe's other interests, feel free to check out the links below!

By choosing HunnyBun Grooms for your bunny grooming needs, you're supporting a small, woman, LGBTQIA+, and disabled-owned business. 


Currently, HunnyBun Grooms is servicing Portland, OR and surrounding areas, and has previously served Ohau, HI.

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