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Sustainability town hall poster in green, light blue, and dark blue font. Cream colored advertisement for Women of the Book Concert featuring local artists art work of a woman. Lead at UP advertisement featuring waves of plum, teal, and avocado colors. Prayers for Peace advertisement featuring local artists work of four hands surrounding a blue bird on a branch on a peach background. Black background event poster for ASUP films showing for A Quiet Place. Photo of camera lenses with red text advertising for last day of senior portraits. Photo of soccer field for guest speaker Thomas Iwaski to speak at UP with a circular photo of the subject. Photo of white girl with dark hair petting dog, identified as Molly Rausch turned into a campaign sign for ASUP. Rectangular advertisement featuring information for Native American Association's presentation of Neither Wolf Nor Man, and Neither Wolf Nor Man's movie poster on a green, white, and grey background. Poster asking for a graphic designer for ADvantage UP featuring a type writer and a piece of paper with the ask in different font types. Photo of hand holding a sparkler turned into advertisement for ADvantage's services. Photo of a woman in a dress and a man in a suit, angled down at their feet turned into an advertisement for ball room dance lessons at UP written in blue font. Photo of white passing male with dark hair standing outside, subject is identified as Stelios, wearing a striped shirt, stripes of the shirt emulated next to him as a color block with information regarding his ASUP campaign. Horizontal advertisement with dark blue background featuring information regarding a speaker and a picture of the speaker identified as Gabriel Said Reynolds. Photo of a white man with light hair standing in front of a skyline pointing with his other arm around a white woman with dark hair who's looking off into the distance, identified as Jordan Mayer and Sage Taylor, photo turned into an advertisement for their ASUP campaign. Photo of a notebook turned into a poster to look like a planner to advertise Plan UP's get together to design bullet journals. 

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