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Thanks for stopping by my portfolio! As the header describes, you've reached the about page, and I guess you're here to learn about me! Well, you've already got my name so that's a pretty good place to start! I'm a multiple disciplined creative living in the Portland, OR area. My disciplines include graphic & web design, photography, styling, and costume design. I have a B.A. in Theater Management and Costume Design from University of Portland. In addition to these creative disciplines and my degree, I also have experience in creative marketing and business administration. I've gained experience in both of those areas by owning my own business, Portland Sitters, as well as through internships. If you'd like to know more about my work history feel free to head over to my "FULL CV" page! I promise it's a treat!

Still want to know more about the real me? I'm originally from Chicago and started moving around the United States around age 13, finally settling down in Portland, OR around 16 where I attended Roosevelt High School and later University of Portland. While I have always been involved in performing arts through choir and acting, it wasn't until I entered high school that I discovered that theatre tech and graphic design were actual avenues of income. I dove right into learning as much as I could about both. This fascination of theatre grew to the point that when I graduated high school I had dedicated nearly 1,000 hours to my local community through the values instilled in me by the International Thespian Society. This continued into my time at University of Portland where I continued my work in costume design, directing, and theatre management. 

When I'm not buried in a creative project I enjoy spending time with friends and family, finding great restaurants to eat at, or enjoying what pop-culture has to offer. Some fandoms include (but are not limited to): Star Wars, Star Trek, really anything from BBC, anything Aaron Sorkin, and various major network shows still running. Watching other people's art fills me with joy and inspiration, so yes, I do have subscriptions to basically every streaming service. 

Thank you again for visiting me, and I hope you'll reach out with any questions, commissions, licensing offers, and work opportunities.


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"Special notice is due to costume designer Amanda Ryan, particularly for the thoroughly childish apparel that helps us define Furlong’s character and provides light notes to brighten a frequently dark script."




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