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It's a wonderful life poster featuring a red scaled background, three antique microphones and information regarding the show. Poster with dark background and a prominent orange square that said trick or treat, advertising a food drive, also pictured are bats, ghosts, and a house with a bunch of holloween signs, local business logos, and other spooky decorations. Poster with black background, silhouette of a ticking clock and different colored silhouettes of zombies layered as coming out of the clock with information for a 24 hour play festival. Poster with gradient blue background with silhouettes of a woman and a man facing each other in the style of The Electric Company, advertising Spoken Word Club. White background poster with red and black elements advertising Sock Hop dance, elements include a pointing finger, a set of socks, a red banner, a record, pair of tickets, and others. Poster that is half black and half white vertically divided, with a drawing of William Shakespeare on the white side and an illustration of a skull on the black side advertising an event called Shakespeare Slapdown. Poster of a notebook advertising a poetry reading by Alex Dang with the poets' black and white headshot. Bubblegum pink colored poster featuring a black leather jacket and a pink leather jacket seemingly holding hands with the words "T-Birds" and "Pink Ladies" on the back of each respective jacket with information for the showing of Grease. Infographic with teal blue background and multiple charts showing equal opportunity education at Roosevelt High School. Navy blue poster featuring Thespian Society logo, with information asking audience to join drama club and what drama club does. Black poster with graphic designed snow and Christmas tree with gifts underneath and a snowman and other forest trees advertising a barnes and noble gift wrap fundraiser for theatre troupe.

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