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Portland Sitters. Portland Sitters updated logo featuring an outline of a house with a heart coming out of a chimney, cursive writing for the company's name, and print font for a quick run down of the company's services. Cherish and Nurture Collective logo in black varied fonts on a white background. Dramatic theatre masks on a yellow circle with writing saying "support our troupes". Square logo picturing a less opaque darkened photo of The Globe Theater in England with white print and cursive text with the words Renaissance interviews. White square logo featuring a print font in black saying "sweet and simple oils" with an illustration of a pink flower bordered by cat-tail plant-like branches. Rectangular logo with black background featuring an illustration of moose head and antlers with three weighted print fonts in white reading "Rider Squad Marketing". Square photo of President Teddy Roosevel riding a moose slightly opaque with dark color to allow the in white differently weighted print fonts to read "Rider Squad Marketing". Square logo with white background featuring an evolution of stick figured people as they go from birth to old age with the words "Diary Photography" underneath the figures in black thin print font. Square logo with black background featuring Thespian Society Logo and white print font saying "Roosevelt High School Thespian Troup #7289". An older version of Portland Sitters Logo, featuring a white background with three illustrations of white girls with different colored hair and outfits and an orange butterfly near their heads with a black cursive font underneath reading "The Portland Sitters Club". Rectangular logo with black background featuring an art deco font in white that reads "Welcome" and "Library" with another printed font smaller reading "to Roosevelt High School" featuring yellow logos of an outlined person, a magnifying glass, an open book, computer monitor, printer, and graduation cap. A square logo featuring a stingray swimming in the ocean that is opaqued by a gradient of green. blue and purple to allow handwritten fonts of different weights to read "Feelmonger" and "Scalar Theorem". A square logo featuring a background of watercolor landscape with a smaller white square centered with black print font reading "La Belle Mort" and "Art & Photography" separated by a thin black line. A rectangular logo featuring a white background with elements of a comic book style face with no head, and fern like greenery next to it, under these elements are two lines of text in different sizes and weights of print font that read "Chloe Louise" and the definition of "Eitherreality" 

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