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I created this collection, "Warm Shop", from my dad's workshop. My dad's shop is safe to everyone who enters. He puts love into everything he builds from treasure chests for my brother, to chainmail jewelry, and rawhide and wood shield replicas. I wanted to show the softness and intimacy of this space and how those two traits can also occupy an otherwise "manly" or "industrial" area. It's a creative space, it's a late-night conversational hub, it's a bar, and it's where my dad is most in his element. 


I created this collection, "Texture", from the main living areas of the house I share with my parents. Texture has already been a really interesting thing for me. It's one of the things I focus on most with costume design especially since it adds so much dimension. When applying texture to photography, it gives something interesting for an audience to look at, and it can trigger different feelings and memories for the viewer, such as Trypophobia or remembering the smell of coffee. 

Milwaukee toolbox. Wood divider holding different metal rods and pipes. Air compression hose. Wood shavings in a white bucket, and wood shavings in a small wire basket. A drawer of wrenches with orange, blue, and silver handles, sitting in a wooden divider. Coffee grounds up close. Holey lampshade up close. Peacock feather. Top of kitchen aid. artistic shot of a etched glass container. 

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