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I'm so excited to work with you and your bun! A mobile servicing fee will be applied to every servicing appointment to cover mobility costs. Have multiple bunnies? Fear not! We have special appointments for multiple buns when you book! We really appreciate your understanding, and we are so excited to get to meet your bun!


Nail Trim


Nail trims aren't just good for buns, but for their humans as well. With this service, you can expect shorter and more dull nails to help keep bun scratches at bay.


Full Groom


Just like how humans need showers, buns need grooms! With this service, you can expect your bun back with trimmed and filed nails, brushed fur, clean scent glands & ears. This is also the best service to help with dematting.


Nail Trim & Brushing


Brushing your buns helps prevent matting, G.I. stasis (which can be fatal), & mites.

With this service, you can expect the perks of our Nail Trim service as well as a well-groomed bun that's ready for pets, games, and other bonding.


Molting Sessions


3 appointments within a 2-3 week period to aid in the bun's seasonal molting and help prevent over-ingestion of hair that could lead to G.I. stasis.

*These are starting prices. Price listed does not include or reflect service taxes, milage, or multiple bunny appointments.

Mobile Servicing Fees & Tips

**Currently based on Hawaii residence. New England Rates Coming Soon**

Mobile Servicing fees are based on distance from EWA Beach, Ohau, HI

<10 Miles or Less ... +$8.00
10 Miles < ... +$10.00
20 Miles < ... +$12.00
>30 Miles ... +$15.00

Tips are not required, but greatly appreciated.

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